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Telemedicine Visit

Dr. Ogg is onlineIf you have a telemedicine visit scheduled with Dr. Ogg or Karen, please test your device prior to your appointment time to ensure it will work.

Test your Device

1. First, you will need a smartphone, tablet or computer which is connected to the internet and has a working front-facing camera and audio/microphone.

2. Go to:

3. Click the "Click Here to Test" link. IMPORTANT! You may get a popup message asking if you would like to allow Updox access to your microphone, camera, or video. Click Yes, Share or Allow. This allows you to see and hear Dr. Ogg and Karen (and vice versa).

4. Scroll down the page to see the Camera and Microphone sections.

  • If you see your face under the Camera section, and see the meter moving when you speak in the Microphone section, you are ready for your visit.

  • If you do not see your face or see the meter move, try restarting your device and click the test link again. If you cannot see your face or the meter move after restarting, try another device if you have one.

5. If you are unable to find a device which works, contact us and let us know you are unable to do a telemedicine visit and we will find an alternate method.

Prior to Your Appointment

1. If you have a thermometer, scale and/or Blood Pressure machine, please check and write down your temperature, weight, and blood pressure.

2. At least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time, make sure your device is on and ready to receive a text message or email.

3. Find a quiet, private space where you will be free from distractions or interruptions.

Your Appointment

1. At your appointment time, you will first receive a phone call from Danielle or Bethany to perform the first part of your visit, just as they would were you in the office. They will summarize the reason for your visit, review your medications and allergies, and record your vitals (ie weight).

2. After that is completed, Dr. Ogg/Karen will send you an invitation via text or email to join your secure Video Chat. Click the invitation link, allow access if requested, and Dr. Ogg or Karen will pop up on your video screen.

3. After you have completed your visit, Kim will contact you to schedule a follow-up visit, if necessary, and collect applicable copays or deductibles.

We use Updox for secure, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine visits.

Updox Telemedicine Help